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August 16, 2012
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The Elements of Harmony by MysteryMelt The Elements of Harmony by MysteryMelt
When princess Clestia and princess Luna turned Discord to stone, the Elements backfired and they were turned into stone orbs.

The Element of Magic was not found until Twilight came along


The 2012 trading cards of My Little Pony, mention a Seventh Element of Harmony given to Princess Cadance, Love.

This is not canon, this is the truth. I've seen it. It might even possibly crop up in season three.

Princess Cadance had to wearing her element when they defeated Chrysalis, so I think it’s her crown! The Seventh Element exists, the Element of Love is coloured green because there is a green element shown in the first episode: Friendship is Magic Part 1, however there is no green Element used by the mane 6 or anywhere else in the entire series. It is also coloured green to match the colour of Queen Chrysalis, who feeds off love.


Mystery solved? Please note this is only my personal theory, but could actually be viable in the show.
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Claw11 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
not anymore canon XD
DragonPokemonMaster9 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
Actually Derpy should be 7th (Acceptance) and Sunset Shimmer as 8 (Forgiveness)
Dark-Wolf-Spaniel Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Actually Sunset Shimmer isn't on the element.
Retroactive-Mayhem Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[Raises eyebrow] No? The 6th Element was kept inside a stone orb. Princess Celestia had to summon it out of there when she banished Luna to the moon (Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part II) o:
fusionfalllovers Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student General Artist
wha-what?! princess cadance is one of the elements of harmony?! ok,you blowed up my own mind.
Rainfull Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
the green one does not egest
Trey178 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
In contradiction to the trading cards, the series premiere originally mentioned only six elements. Twilight concludes during her fight with Nightmare Moon that when the first five are brought together it would reveal the sixth. I think the gems just changed colors to match their chosen bearers.
Fellmoon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
I have a question for you, which princess would have which Elements?
Chevistian Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Student Filmographer
The Eight Element Wears Spike
mezic101 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Could be Love...
Could be Hope...
Could be Spirit...
Could be Life...
We shall see.
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